Saturday, May 3, 2008

Playing Catch Up.

I have spent the past couple days playing catch up with my post card swaps. I had to help my hubby build a couple of these dormers, which has cut into my cut into my sewing time.

I was able to squeeze in a little sewing. Not as much as I would have liked, but here is what I came up with this week:
"Beautiful Brown" postcards for ArtsntheMail, I only had two brown fabrics in my whole stash. so I had to go buy the background. I had lots of buttons to put on them though.

This was also for ArtsintheMail. This is "Starts with D". I chose the word "dew". Its hard to see in the photo, but there are small glass beads sewn onto the grass to represent the dew.
This card was made for Bobbie for the FAPC hand embroidery swap. I really enjoyed making this one. I hand stitched around each fabric square and added some extra stitches near the bottom. Then finished it off with a blanket stitch.
This swap was also for FAPC. It was titled "Red, Black, White Abstract". Can you tell red is my favorite color? It turned out to be the dominate shade in these post cards. I liked them so much I had to make a bunch. I only needed 5 for this swap, but I plan on sending the others to the ladies in my Art to Mail group.

I have a few more swaps I need to catch up on. After that I plan on getting back to some serious quilting. I have lots of projects rolling around in my head and the first thing I want to make is a disappearing nine-patch quilt. I love the regular nine patch, so this should be a breeze. I also am excited to start working on my Butterfly Beauty Quilt. I have received two blocks in the mail already. Only 8 more to go and I can get sewing on that. Can't wait!

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