Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Beach in June

I wish I was at the beach today, but instead I will have to settle for looking at my newest postcard creation. The theme for this one was June Mingle. I was suppose to make anything that meant June to me. All I could think of for June was the beach. Growing up near the beach I would always want to go swimming in the ocean when the weather was warm. But the weather and the water didn't always match temperature. In April the weather would be warm, but the ocean water would still be chilly. In May it would warm up some, but by June the water was the perfect temperature for all day swimming.
I got my inspiration for this card from the painting I made when I was a teenager. I took a mini class on how to paint and the subject we used that evening was a beach scene. It is probably the only painting I have done in color that I really enjoy. Most of the other color paintings I made, or drawings for that matter, have never turned out as well as the beach one. (I usually stick with black and white when it comes to my drawings.) So I framed it and still hangs in my house today.

Yesterday I finished up a quilt block for IFQ's Crazy Quilt Round Robin - Hearts and Flowers. I have never done a swap quite like this one before so I am excited to see how it turns out. I had to make a block with at least nine different patches on it, which will be mailed to each member of my team. After everyone has had a chance to add their own stitches and embellishments to my block, it will make its way back to me. Along with the block, a mini journal will be mailed for each person to write in when they receive my block and add their own work to it. This should be very interesting and I can't wait to mail out my block and get started on others.

12 1/2 inch square Crazy Quilt block w/ Matching journal

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