Friday, July 25, 2008

Green Delights

I have been working mostly green lately. Below are some green QTC's, (cutsies, or Quilters Trading Cards) that I made for Postcard Pizzaz group. Partners are not even assigned yet, but these are ready early. First time that has happened. I usually finsish my items the day before mail date is set. ;) But for these, I was using my machine to embroider lighthouses for another swap, (those will be posted later when I finish them) and needed something to do in between thread changes, so I did all these green QTC's by hand, except for the border. I did the border after the machine was done with all the embroidery I had set up for it.

I stitched down the green fleece trim with solid green beads. Then I added little leaves to make it look sort of like a vine. On all the polk a dots that were not too close to the edge, I added some transparent shiny green beads. All green. :)

This card is also for Postcard Pizzaz. It is for a 1 to 1 swap. I really like making these. This is my sixth one. But I have about 20 more ready for the hand embroidery to be added. Such fun. ;) I can't seem to just sit and watch TV, or movies, or play on the computer for that matter without some thing in my hands to work on. Just as an example, I finished this postcard while playing WOW last night during the down time in between arena ques. :)


  1. I think all your cards are just wonderful. Looking forward to swapping with you.

  2. Fantastic cards! I am so glad you joined our little group. Looking forward to swapping with you.