Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spider Webs and Back to School

I entered this spiderweb postcard in the Fabricards monthly challenge. So far I am the only entry. I just may win this time around. :)
I sure wish the scanner would pick up the sparkle in the gems on the postcard. This was my first time glueing on gems to fabric. I meant to buy iron on gems, but when I saw the huge red discount sticker on these little blue gems I forgot that I wanted them to iron on. All I saw was cheap crystal gems. Not sure how to glue them on, I decided to get out my super glue. So far so good, they are holding on tight to that silver gray web.

The kids have been back to school since the end of August, and to celebrate that I joined the back to school swap in my Art4Mail group. The white "paper" is actually peltex. I was too lazy to dig out my white fabric, so I used the small extra rectangle pieces of peltex that for some reason I can't seem to throw away. :)

1 comment:

  1. The sparkle does show up Leah, when we click on it, we can see the sparkle on the gems and the spider, lovely. I wish you luck, you deserve to win, you are doing such good work for the group. :-)