Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This snowflake postcard was made for two different postcard groups. I found some fancy snowflake sequence at Hancock Fabrics and hand sewed them down with a white bead center. To me, the white squares in the center needed a little something extra so I did some hand stitching with dark blue thread. I did the edges the same way. I took a strip of white muslin, trimmed the edges with Pinking sheers, and ironed them on the sides with wonder under. Currently, this type of edging is my favorite way of finishing off the cards. It makes the card look really neat without any frayed edges and is slightly quicker than a .02 zig zag stitch.
I saved one of these cards for myself as always. It will be the closest thing I have to snow this year, or any year for that matter. Lately most our weather has been in the high 60's. I can go outside without and jacket on and be just fine. Which is a good thing, because my heater broke! We have had the repair man out three times to fix it, and he said it was fixed each time, but it still isn't working right. It only works when it wants to, then shuts off. Hopefully the rest of the winter will stay this warm. One can hope....

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