Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally back at the Machine

Wow,  I didn't realize how much I use my machine until it broke.  Even though I had my old one to sew on, it just wasn't the same.  It made me realize just why I bought the new machine in the first place.  My old machine was one headache after another.  It sure doesn't like to play nice.  So between house remodeling, and my broken machine I spent almost a month away from the sewing table.  But now everything is back to normal - well as normal as can be around here.  My regular machine has been to the doctor and all is well and the house remodeling has slowed down a bit for now so I was finally able to create some things out of my fabric.  Today I can only post one of them. The other few things will have to wait till after Christmas to be posted.  I don't want to spoil any surprises.  :)

One of the things I made after my machine got back from the repair was another Bow Tucks Bag.  I just love this pattern, and I love the way this bag feels.  It is so nice and thick.  I used pelon fusible fleece as the instructions say - "it is the best", and boy is it right.  From now on I only want to make bags with is this wonderful stuff.  It makes nice stiff handles and a wonderfully soft bag.  This particular bag was made for a special client who told me to pick what ever fabrics I think looked good.  So I went shopping in my own fabric stash and that in itself was fun.  :)


  1. Hi Leah,
    I have looked at most your entire blog...and I am very impressed with your postcard work and creativity. I have just begun to make them, and today I mailed my very first one to my friend who sent me 2 boxes of scraps, which I love! Do you use an interfacing between your layers? I used batting, and I bound mine like a mini quilt. But tonight I went out and bough interfacing and hope to make ones like yours...with the edges zigzaged. Well... keep up the great work. I bet your friends who get your cards love them and cherish them!!!

  2. Hey Cathy, thank you for your nice comments, yes I do use interfacing in my postcards. I usually use peltex 70 in the middle. It makes the cards stiff, but not too stiff. It is my favorite thing to use. Sometimes I have used batting, but when I do that I always iron on a piece of decor bond just before I add the back of the postcard. That helps to help keep it stiff enough to go through the mail easier. I have also made them with the edges bound like a mini quilt. Just depends on what mood I am in, and what look I want for the card. They are very fun to make and can be addicting :)

  3. Well, I wondered why you hadn't been posting!

    You may remember I got a Janome 6600P a couple of months ago because my Elna was goffing up and the Florence Vac Center couldn't get it to stay fixed for more than an hour. Last week I took it to Augusta to an awesome repair/quilt shop. It came home Wed. and it is sewing like a dream...BUT it is truly a light weight next to the Janome....Glad I got it!