Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Flowers

This is my newest fabric postcard. The theme was crazy flowers, so I used the crazy quilt technique for my background then added the yo yo flowers. I made a total of five, three for a swap, one my sister-in-law, and one for myself.  Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of all 5 of them before I put them in the mail.  So I only have a photo of the one I kept.

They are not all exactly alike, but they are all mostly similar, the flowers are different colors and some of the big flowers were actual flower shaped yo-yos, and on two of the cards the cluster of small flowers on the left had sequence and bead centers instead of buttons.  Also the crazy quilt themed backgrounds were slighty varied, same fabrics, but different placement.

 I love how the greens pop in my photos right after a rain.  Over cast days are great for taking photos!

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  1. Really beautiful. You can send me a postcard anytime, and I'd treasure it always.