Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pokemon Quilt

This Pokemon quilt was made by my guild mate Alice.  She drew all the Pokemon characters with regular crayons.  They turned out great!.  I quilted it for her by quilting in the ditch around each square.  Then I quilted the border using a pattern she had previously marked for me.  I really love this quilt.  If my boys were still into Pokemon, I'd be tempted to make one myself.


  1. How fun! My boys aren't into pokemon anymore either, but I showed them your picture anyway and they thought it was cool! Do they play Angry Birds? My boys, and I LOL!!, do. Crazy Mom quilts made an angry bird that is so cute :)

  2. can you please let me know if you are making any more? this is absolutely fabulous. My son would LOVE it. If making more, please let me know the cost. thanks

  3. Hey Evelyn, I wanted to reply by a private message, but when I try to click on your name, no email is available, so I will reply here.

    I didn't actually make this quilt, So I can't even put a cost on making one. I just did the quilting for it. Someone I know made the top and she asked me to do the quilting. She hand drew all the characters herself.

    It is a fun quilt, but I can't reproduce it. Thanks for stopping by.