Sunday, September 4, 2011

Marsh Drawing

I finished adding color to my Marsh drawing this evening.
Our excursion at the marsh this summer was the inspiration for this drawing.  The water at the marsh isn't really this blue, but I wanted it that way so I colored it that way.  

This is one of the pictures I used as a base for my drawing.
It is the marsh in Murrells Inlet, SC and not too far beyond those trees is the ocean.

This is what the drawing looked like as I started to add color.

And below is the drawing in progress.
I was trying to scan it during different stages to see my progress.


This next picture is the drawing I started today.  I was fiddling around not knowing what scene to draw when this one took shape so there are some rough lines and mistakes in this one.  Hopefully I can smooth things out and turn the mistakes into something else.  If not I will still keep it on hand for reference.  I like some of the new lines I put together in this one. 


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