Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beach in Color

I sat down today and added color to my beach drawing.
This is what it looked like in Black and White back in October.

I also have my Pathway drawing complete.
I finished it in December and it has been sitting in my sketchbook.
Not sure if I will add color to this one.  I am liking it in black and white for now. 
I'll see how I feel about it again in a couple weeks.



  1. love your drawings did u do them yourself?

  2. Love your drawings,,, do you just sit and doodle??

  3. Love the pathway! It is like the intro to a fairy tale, Once upon a time in a deep dark wood...

  4. SO cool! Those are amazing and I like the one in color as much as I do the ones in black and white!

  5. So beautiful Leah. Great detail! Like it with color and that pathway is fantastic!

  6. Oh I love your drawings! I have really been wanting to try Zentangles......yours are so beautiful!

  7. those are very nice, interesting. love the cobblestone