Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jewel Box Progress

Instead of picking out fabrics for my February Schnibbles project, I spent Saturday putting the blocks together for my Jewel Box Quilt.  Then I put them all on my "design wall" - a flannel table cloth that is tapped to the french doors in my living room - to make sure I don't end up sewing all the reds in the top left corner.  I am excited to sew them all together, but that will have to wait....

Before I do anything else, I need to pick out the fabrics for the i.s.t.h. pattern. March 1rst is soon aproaching and I haven't even started the February quilt for Another Year of Schnibbles. 
I think I keep delaying this process because the pattern isn't one of my favorite Schnibble patterns.
I like the star blocks and the checkerboard border, but I am not big on the column setting.
Perhaps I will take the columns out and see how that looks.  

Ok, I am off to my stash to pick out some fabrics.  No more computer till the task is done!



  1. Love your jewel box! I started my Schnibbles this weekend. I made two star blocks so far and I'm on a roll! When is March 1? Chuckle...