Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lots of 4 Patches

Hot off the ironing board.  70 four patches.  They measure 8.5 inches.  There are enough for two quilts.  I want to make two similar to the one Crazy Mom Quilts made last fall.  The colors will be different of course, but the pattern will be the same.  Now I need to make 40 coordinating blocks to go with the 4 patches.

I have a huge pile of leftover 4.5 inch squares to choose centers for the alternate blocks, but I don't have any background fabric.  That means fabric shopping is in my immediate futre.   YAY!! I love the fabric store!

Once these two tops are put together I will only have one top left. My hubby's aunt said I could work on them whenever, but I have made a personal goal to get them all finished by the end of April and so far so good, they are going together according to schedule.


1 comment:

  1. Looks like you have used shirts in your blocks. You are a busy bee!!!