Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tiniest of Scraps

   Ok, I think I may have an addiction.  Usually I throw this stuff away, but last night I just couldn't bring myself to put it in the trash.  Sure I have been known to save some tiny stuff,  like pieces of fabric that are at least 1 inch, but these tiny strips are just too tiny. They just looked so pretty on my desk in a pile. I don't know what I'll do with them but but for now they look good in this jar.  If I keep making quilts and saving everything maybe one day I will be on an episode of hoarders with thousands of glass jars all over the house that are full of fabric trimmings.

   Last night I had planned on to start my February Scnhibble project, but I am stuck on what fabrics to use, so instead of  figuring that out I pulled out my Jewel Box project.  Last time I worked on it I had all the half square triangles sewn together and the first set of strips sewn together.  This time I trimmed all the HSTs to 4 inches and then sewed the second set of strips together and trimmed all those up. Now that everything is trimmed and the strips sewn and cut to size I can work on turning these into blocks.  I want to do that today, but I really need to get the February Schnibbles project started.  March 1rst is right around the corner!



  1. I like how you put the smallest scraps in the mason jar...very decorative. Enjoy reading your blog. Marilyn

  2. Love your mason jar! You could have a jar of scraps for every color of the rainbow! And your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I haven't started my Schnibbles yet you, I' m trying to decide on fabrics! Maybe this weekend!

  3. Love the jar with the scraps in! It does look very 'decorative', so you need to fill a few more!!