Monday, March 12, 2012

Another Pathway

I finished another Black and White sketch yesterday.

I started this pathway before I made the one from last month.  
It was going to be the path in the woods, but it wasn't turning out like I envisioned, so I made the other one.
Not wanting to toss this path out I turned it into what you see now.

When I was making this part of the drawing my hubby asked if I was making a dragon.  

I wasn't, but I decided to put one in the picture.  Do you see it? My Hubby and son didn't see it right away. I suppose he gets lost in all the swirls.  That is the main reason I decided to add color to these types of drawings.  Sometimes my objects aren't as visible as I want them to be till I add color.

I will add color to this one as soon as figure out what color I want my dragon to be.



  1. That's amazing -- I love the dragon!

  2. You have amazing talent! That is an awesome sketch. (I see the dragon!) :o)