Monday, March 19, 2012

More Shirt Progress

This morning I sewed up the blocks for the second 4 patch shirt quilt.  Now I have a total of 5 tops done for this project.  It helped that I laid out all the blocks last night.

I took a quick photo before going to bed last night just in case something fell off the design wall in the night.  That way I could consult the photo and put them back in place if any went astray.  Luckily though everything was still in place when I woke up.


After I finished sewing the 5th top together I started on the 6th.  For some reason I miscounted and made 5 extra 4 patches per quilt top, so I had 10 that didn't have a home.  I decided to make 10 more and use them all for the 6th shirt quilt.  

This is the layout I am playing with for now.  I was undecided as to which type of border to use. The smaller 3.5 solid squares on the left  or the larger 4.5 alternating solid/stripe squares on the right.   So I took a vote among the kids. 3 voted for the big squares and 1 voted for the smaller ones.  
I am thinking of using black again as the sashing, or perhaps an off white this time.  Ah decisions decisions....


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