Tuesday, May 15, 2012

15 Blocks to Go

I got all the "54 40 or Fight" blocks sew together over the weekend.  Then I laid out the alternating blocks on the design wall and have a total of 3 of them sewn together.  This is suppose to be a scrappy quilt, but I have a fear if I just grab colors out of the pile I will end up with the bottom corner of the quilt being all blue.  So I organize it before I sew it all together. I call it my controlled scrappy look.

When laying it all out I realized I am short one Goose.  I either lost it when I was shifting stuff around, or I miss counted when I cut and sewed them all out a while ago.

Here is the full version of my design wall.  I LOVE IT!!  I had been taping a flannel backed table cloth on the french doors, but I kept having to take it down for various reasons.  So I built this design wall.  It is made from two blue insulation boards that I got from Lowes.  I trimmed them down and taped them together with white duct tape to create a wall that measures  6' 8"  x 7'.   Then I put some warm and white batting on top of it, wrapped it around to the back and taped it on.   It is light weight for good portability yet stable enough to hold up all my fabric.  I love it!

Behind the design wall is my shelf of fabrics and my daughter's sewing machine, which she doesn't use (I still have hope that she will get it out and want to sew something again one of these days). To the left, which you can't see, is my sewing machine and computer.  I must admit I spend most of my day in this part of the house.  And now that our TV is broken, thanks to some rowdy boys, the kids spend most of their time in here too.  I must say, it is a nice place to be.  :)



  1. I just LOVE this quilt! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  2. Very pretty quilt! Are you using the Tri-Recs rulers to make these? This quilt is now on my to-do list!

  3. Your quilt and design wall are stunning! Gorgeous!

  4. Awesome project of love & color...truly an inspiration...thanks for sharing...

  5. A lot of work for this scrappy quilt. I love the curved appearance of the blocks. It will be wonderful.

  6. Gorgeous quilt! How is your design board standing? Great idea.