Saturday, May 5, 2012

Binding Complete...

And my Summer Day quilt is now ready to be gifted.

I didn't want this quilt too get too stiff with lots of quilting so I went with the all over swirls. I did to do a wee bit of custom quilting in the two borders though. Nothing too fancy, just something a little different than the rest of the quilt.

I found a great cupcake fabric for the backing and what makes it even better is that it was on sale!

I wanted to wrap it up and mail it right away, but my husband suggested I give it away in June when I can do it in person.

So per the name of the quilt, I will give it away one Summer Day in June.

This makes Finish #13 for the year.



  1. I love how you quilted it. It's beautiful. I agree with your husband, it will be nice to give it in person and see their expression. Makes it all worth while.

  2. Everything about this quilt is beautiful! And so lovely to gift it on a summer day!

  3. love that. its a beautiful quilt

  4. Just a gorgeous Summer Day quilt and what a lovely gift.

  5. 14! I have been such a slacker. I think giving it in person, particularly f it is a child is important. They are more likely to remember whe t came from.