Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Guild BOM

 Guild meeting was last Thursday and May's BOM was a basket pattern. We were told to use a floral fabric for the basket background, a basket colored fabric for the basket, and a light color for the border.  This is what I came up with.

 Unfortunately, I left my block at home so it didn't get up on the wall at guild meeting.  Silly me, I took it out of my pile of stuff to take to guild meeting to put my name on the back and then forgot to put it back.  I didn't get my name in the drawing this time around, but that is ok.  I won last month so I would have felt really greedy if they picked my name again, but I still want to participate and make sure there are lots of blocks in each giveaway.

We had a low turn out this time around there were only 10 blocks turned in, that includes mine and Frances's, who brought her unfinished block in an envelope for the winner to finish.  :)  
The pinwheel block in the upper right corner is the block for next month.
Hopefully next month there we will be back up to our usually big numbers.


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  1. That reminds me I wanted to do our guild block this month...I hope it is easier than your basket.