Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mr. Mayor

This week I was working on a costume for my oldest son.
He is playing Mr. Mayor in the play Suessical Jr.
   The play is being put on by the Lake City Community Theater.

Dress rehearsals were this after noon and I finished up the last stitch on his bow tie this morning.

My youngest is also in the play.
He plays JoJo.  I didn't have to do much for his costume.
I found some white pants and white shoes and we died them yellow.
The LCCT provided his bow tie.

My daughter is also in it.  She is a Bird Girl.  Her dress was provided too. All I had to do was alter it to fit.  It was a little too big and kept falling off the shoulder.  We also added some extra boas to the back for some "feathers".  I snapped this shot as we headed out the door to play practice.

I stayed to watch the whole show at practice today.  That was my first time seeing the play from beginning to end. All the actors looked great in their costumes.  They have dress rehearsals all week, and tomorrow characters get fitted for microphones.  The play starts Friday June 8th and has a show on Saturday and Sunday.   Both Mr. Mayor and JoJo have a couple solos.  I am very excited. 


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