Friday, March 15, 2013

More Spring Baskets

I showed my kids the first basket I made and they said they wanted some for their Easter baskets,
so I made three more.
I was picking out fabrics for the basket on the left when my oldest son came in the room to keep me company. He said he wanted to pick the fabrics for his basket so I let him.  His is in the middle.

My youngest son, who is 9, wanted all solid fabric for his.  I tried to convince him to use some patterned fabric for cuteness, but there was nothing I could have said or done that would have convince him to use anything other than solids.

I pulled out the colors he wanted and cut out the pattern.  He kept assuring me it would look fantastic and he was right.  It did turn out fantastic.  He says the solid one is the best out of all four.  :)

My middle son said he wanted one made in all browns. The darker the better.  I am still trying to convince him to go for more Easter colors. We shall see what happens...



  1. Lovely,, all of them. Must be an easy pattern.

  2. All of the baskets are beautiful. I have three sons too, and I can relate to not being able to change their minds when they know what they want!

  3. Your baskets are so cute! I love the little ruffle on them. I haven't seen any baskets or Easter craftyness on any blogs this year... so I was so happy to see yours!