Monday, July 7, 2014

Q3 Goals for the 2014 FAL

I completed three of my twelve goals last quarter.  With me finishing up college and the start of summer, I didn't spend as much time at the machine as I normally do. This third quarter will be during the rest of summer. I know I have lots of summer plans this quarter, but I am still going to put twelve projects on the list.  I like having options to work with.

I am keeping the ones that didn't get finished and adding three new ones. 
Here they are...

Mondo Bag x 3
Started Summer 2013
 Made some progress on these last quarter,
they are number 1 on my list this quarter.

Christmas Quilt
Started December 2012
This one is still so close to being done.

Jewel Box Quilt
Started November 2011
Border fabric has been picked out so I am good to go on this one.

Baby Cakes Quilt
Started April 2012

Christmas Dresdens
Started December 2012

Colorful Lone Stars
Started January 2014

Stripe Tube Quilt
Started April 2012

Do something with this top. 
Started May 2012
I am going to change the sashing.
I don't like it so much and that is why it became a UFO.

Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along
Started September 2011

The three new projects making their debut are:

Pythagoras' Lute Quilt
Started March 2014

One block wonder
Stated June 2014

Polk-A-Dot Dresden Quilt
Started September 2012

I'm itching to sew and have grand visions of finishing the whole list this quarter.
 Ha, I always feel that way when I make my list. 
Let's see if I can keep my momentum up and get at least half of it done this quarter.



  1. This is a great list of projects. Good luck!

  2. Hi Leah. I made the exact same strip tube quilt! Good luck on all those finishes and have a great summer : )