Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project Quilting Week 2 - Missed it by a few hours

The Theme for Week 2 of Project Quilting was Sunrise/Sunset.  

I had grand visions of creating a nice size quilt this week.
I had the pattern I wanted,
picked out my fabrics without any trouble,
and got everything cut out in record time.  

Piecing was going great and everything was on schedule to finish by Saturday night, and then my previously empty week was fill with appointments, family events, and my son's broken collarbone (Bone is mending fine thank goodness).  

At 11:45pm last night I seriously contemplating staying up to finish the quilting and binding, but when I started adding up the hours I knew I would be up till at least 5am and if I did that I wouldn't make it to church in the morning.  So I resigned myself to sleep and missed the deadline by 5 hours.

I still feel like a winner though having this new top finished.
And I am excited to vote for all the other fabulous entries for week 2!
Go Check them out Here!



  1. I love it. I wonder how many would have entered it anyway. You finished the top. You would have my vote. Such a large quilt to finish in a week. Beautiful and a fantastic work of art.

  2. congratulations on a quick finish, it's stunning. Hope your son recovers and heals fully.

  3. I'd say even though you missed the deadline, you are still a winner. This is a great quilt top, particularly considering all the challenges that you encountered.

  4. Holy smokes! I'm so impressed that you made that gorgeous quilt in a week! It takes me literally months to make a quilt of that size. I'd definitely say you're a winner! Congratulations on a gorgeous and quick finish!

  5. This is a cool looking quilt! I like the feeling of it being pixelated. And what a great color combo.