Sunday, January 17, 2016

One Block Wonder Finished

Finished this one up this afternoon. I started it in 2014 when I saw Carla make one very similar during Season 5 of project quilting and wanted to have one of my very own.  

 What put a fire under my sewing machine was my son Jacob.  He asked me if I could get him a tapestry to hang on his dorm at school like some of the other kids.  He wanted something that would make his room feel more like a room instead of a boring space with four cinder block walls.

I told him I didn't have a tapestry, but I could make him something just as good.
I pulled out my triangles and asked him to put them on the design board in a layout he liked and I would sew it up for him.  He choose blue fading into red.  He said it was like the Force on one side and the Dark Side on the other.  

This is the original fabric I used to make all the blocks.

My quilt holders keeping warm during the photo shoot.    It was only 45 degrees, but there was a cold wind blowing and Daniel was in his shorts so he wrapped himself up like a burrito.

These are so fun to make.  I love seeing all the different blocks you can get from one piece of fabric.  They should call these quilts One Fabric Wonders!

This one was also on my list for the first quarter of the 2016 Finish-A-Long!
Yay! Finally a finished UFO to cross off the list!!



  1. What a great quilt . The fabric was awesome for this pattern . I bet your son is very happy .

  2. Stunning! what a splendid quilt and how lovely that Jacob had input into it's design. It'll certainly brighten up his room!

  3. Your OBW quilt is amazing--and that print is just perfect! Beautiful!!

  4. It's beautiful'!! Did you use more than 1 set of repeats? It looks big !!

    1. Thank you, I only used one repeat. It's really not that big. None of the sides are long enough to hang over a twin bed.

  5. I love the wall hanging. You did a wonderful job. looking at the fabric nothing i would have ever thought would be that spectacular.thank you for sharing