Sunday, January 31, 2021

Feather One Block Wonder

Another January Finish.  This one was started last year and was almost done so it was easy to finish up.
What put the fire under me to finish this one was the Totally Tulips quilt before it.

When I went to quilt Totally Tulips, I didn't have an empty bobbin for the thread I was going to use and I didn't have anything else to transfer the thread to free up a bobbin, so I decided to sew one of my other UFO's together to empty a bobbin so I could quilt Totally Tulips.  

The bobbin with Yellow thread had the least amount on it, so I picked up this One Block Wonder and started sewing rows.  I was pretty close to completing the whole top when the bobbin ran out so I decided to keep going and completed the top.

I really enjoyed this fabric but wasn't sure how to go about the layout.  At first  I wasn't sure what color groups I wanted to put together.  I played around with several different layouts, 

And ended up with this one.

This fabric is so busy I did an all over quilting.  It is hard to see in the photos, but I quilted wavy lines, swirls, and even drew some weird looking feathers.  I used a pastel  yellow thread.  It blended in with everything.

I used the original print in the border.

It is a feather print by Kaffe.

The quilt measures approximately 84 x 72 inches.

It kind of reminds me of cotton Candy.

I love making these One Block Wonders.
On to the next one! 




  1. I love one yard wonders and love when you can use the original fabric in the border.

  2. Wow! So pretty! I've never made a one block wonder but I think it would be fun! I just need to find the right fabric for it, i think. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So gorgeous! I have never made a one block wonder!

  4. Pretty! I've never made a one block wonder but they always look so interesting. So funny that you started piecing simply to empty a bobbin :) Clearly that strategy works for you!

  5. I made this same quilt, the Kaffe feather print is an excellent fabric for One Block Wonder. I used hot pink grunge for the border with pieces of feather print so you could see what it was made with. Great job!