Sunday, April 17, 2022

A Herd of Mini Mooses

It's a herd of mini Mooses!  

This month's Island Batik Ambassador challenge was to use one of the patterns by Funky Friends Factory.

I chose the Mickey Moose Pattern.

I knew right away I wanted to make four for a mini herd.

But when I was finished with the four I started stacking them and thought to myself, "If I a make two more I can have a moose pyramid."  So I made two more.

I pulled out some of the Island Batik foundations that came in some of my Ambassador boxes. The first moose used the basic foundation called Tourmaline and I added some purple antlers and blue feet.  For moose two and three I used the foundation basics blue bubbles and green netting.  I had some left over fabric from the Mandala Magic fabric line and I choose the pink and green splat print for moose number four.

This pink one was the 5th one I made and I used another older Island Batik line called Sweet Hearts,  you might can still find some of this in shops.

These were all sewn together with Schemtz chrome Microtex needles.  
I really love these needles for the Island Batik fabrics.  Everything sews together so smooth.

We found the perfect field for them to graze.

I made the brown one last.  I found a perfect left over piece of brown in my Island Batik scrap pile and added some different Island Batik Blenders for his nose, belly, hooves, and Antlers.

These moose were fun to put together.  The pattern is nicely written and it even has link addresses for visual photos and more tips on how to put everything together. Those helped out a lot. 

It was fun going through the different Island Batik fabrics coming up with different color combos.

Be sure to check out the Funky Friends Factory and see all the fun patterns they have.  There are so many cute animals to make.

Happy Sewing!



  1. So cute! The photos are wonderful, and I was laughing at their antics and locations. Great job.

  2. Leah, these are awesome!! I love all the fun color combinations you used!

  3. You outdid yourself. These are great.

  4. Adorable! I love all six of them. Your photos are awesome. Did you give them each a name? Have a great day.

  5. These are simply delightful! And I love your photo shoots with the herd.

  6. Oh how fabulous your happy and colourful little mooses are cavorting and parading around the countryside! They are a cheerful little band of critters. Love the photos. Hope they didn't fall from the limb of the tree. =)