Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Little Green Apples - Sew It Show It Challenge

This week is the "Little Green Apples Sew It Show It Challenge" Hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt. For this challenge we could sew something about apples, use apple fabric, or just use green fabric.  I went with the green fabric option and sewed something somewhat apple shape... sort of. 

I saw some cute Kinchaku bags pop up on Instagram and wanted to give them a try. When you pull them shut, scrunch them down a little, and use your imagination they could look like apples. 🍏 

There are lots of fun patterns and tutorials on the internet for these types of bags. 

I saw the pattern by Sweet Cinnamon Roses and loved how she did the bottom so I wanted to give it a try.

These would make cute little gifts to hand out for when someone needs a pick me up. They sew up really fast and you can use up scrap batting and fabric. Once you make the first one, you could probably sew up half a dozen in an afternoon and fill them with fun treats.

You could even put an apple in them along with other treats for a the teachers in your life. 

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Happy Quilting!


Friday, March 17, 2023

Froggy Green Irish Chain


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This quilt is my newest finish! I started it last year for the Time in a Bottle Blog Hop,

I even had the back ready.

I pulled it out the other day along with some Hobbs Natural Cotton Batting and put it on the frame.

I was supervised by, Sheen, the Senior Quilt Inspector.

The main idea behind the design for this one was to have all the light green squares as part of the inside chains.

And the darker greens for the outer chains.

With cute little frogs in the center.

I pulled some older greens from my stash and used my favorite strip method for the back.

 I trimmed my center strips too short for the back so I added a horizontal strip at the top to make it long enough.

You can sort of see the quilting on the back. Green and white thread for this one. 

I tried to make the quilting in the white spaces all the same but sometimes I got distracted and there are few extra swirls in some.

I had fun putting all the frogs in the center of the Ohio stars.

It's nice to have it ready this year in time for St. Patrick's day!

Happy Quilting!


Sunday, March 5, 2023

Project Quilting 14.5 - Sew NOT a Square

Sew NOT a Square for week five of project Quilting.

This was was pretty easy for me.  I like sewing triangles. 

I had bought a Half Rectangle die recently from AccuQuilt and this helped out my scraps super quick.

They sewed together pretty quick and since there were no do ears to trim off that helped speed things up.

I cut out enough to make 160 triangles, when playing with the layout I decided to add a few more.

Again, I cut these out super fast.

The top went together pretty quick.  Just had to sew rows of rectangles.

I did ribbon quilting all over. I had a little extra time than normal this week, so I did some stitch in the ditch too.

I had a flower print in my stash the perfect length of the top and had most of the colors in the front so I used that for the back.

I am loving the texture from the quilting.

Morning sunshine sure shows off the quilting.

Ok, so I'm staring at this quilt ... when you sew two rectangles together it makes a squares.  ACK!  
I'm going to pretend I didn't' see that.  
Besides, the quilt was sewn with triangles... so I'm still going with I didn't sew any squares...

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Happy Quilting!


Monday, February 27, 2023

Island Batik All Puffed Up Blog Hop

Welcome to the final day of the Island Batik "All Puffed Up" Blog hop.  

Today, Connie, of Kauffman Designs, and I get to show off our creations using Sunshine Garden, the new Island Batik fabric line by Kathy Engle for Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizard Creek Quilting.

This line is so bright and fun, right up my alley!  It has fun vegetable and seed packet prints in some of my favorite shades.  And strawberries.  You can never go wrong with a strawberry print.

Sunshine Garden is arriving in shops now. You can find it today in these shops today:

I made puff quilts years ago, and lots of them. 2000 was the year of puff quilts for me. I made some for family and friends and even sold a few online. I even made triangle shaped puffs and a velvet puffed baby set.  By the middle of 2001 I decided I was tired of stuffing puffs under the machine and made my last one. I said I would never make another one.  

Fast forward 22 years later, I saw all the fantastic puff quilts popping up on Instagram for the Ombre Puff Quilt Sew along. Some of the layouts were so bright and fun. For half a second I contemplated making another one, but I quickly told myself, "No". I was happy to enjoy the beautiful work from afar.

Fast forward a few more months....here I am making another puff quilt for the Island Batik Ambassador February challenge.  I wasn't too excited when I first saw the theme, but I'm a trooper, so I got to designing and decided I would try a new method of construction this time around to make things more enjoyable.

Using my old method, I ended up with long tubes to stuff and seal up.  I would stuff each row and then sew down the column sealing those squares, then do it again till I got to the last column. This meant I was pushing and pulling fabric for each row repeatedly till I got to the last column.  The bulk was not always fun to handle under the machine. 

I didn't want to do that this time, so I opted for the individual puffs method, 195 puffs to be exact. This made it much easier to handle under the machine. There are more seams and more fabric this way, as well as the final step to tack down each puffed square to the back, but as far as time to make it, I'd probably probably say it evens out since I spent less time pushing and pulling the stuffing and fabric and I didn't have to get the broom handle out to stuff the puffs at the end of the tube.

The quilt did shrink considerably though out the process.
I started with 5 inch blocks.

After they were sewn to their muslin backs they became 4.5 inch blocks.

After they were sewn together in rows they became 4 inch blocks.

After they got some poly fil in them they scrunched up a bit more and the whole row shrunk about 4 more inches.

I did enjoy this method a little more.  I only had fabric on the left side of the machine when closing the squares instead of fabric on both sides of the machine.  It was much nicer.

I also wanted to try something other than than plain squares this time around, so I tried out a version of the square in a square block.  I left more fabric around the edge of the first square though so it wouldn't get lost in the pleating.

Here is what the back looked like before adding the official backing.

Already cat tested and approved even before I finished puffing the last row.

I wasn't sure I could put a puff quilt on a long arm, but I wasn't about to floor baste (another thing I said I would never do again).  So I gave it a shot.  It worked out pretty good and I was able to tack between each puff with a plus sign.  

I did add a layer of scrap batting between the puffs and the back fabric. Some of the joining seams felt a little hard, so I wanted to soften it with some batting.  

I used some left over pieces of Hobbs Heirloom Premium Cotton Batting and put it between the puffs and the backing fabric.

I pieced and tacked it together with Schmetz needles.  Their chrome microtex 90/14 needle worked great and I didn't' have any issues tacking it on the longarm with these needles.

I opted for an Around the World style pattern for this one.
I like the extra center squares, they give it a unique look.

It is a heavy quilt with all that puffy stuff, three layers of fabric, and some batting.
 My son joked and said said it was easier to hold it this way.

I'll admit, I never pictured myself making another puff quilt, but I do like how this one turned out.  I might not make another big one, but the kitty liked it so much I could see myself making a small kitty sized version in the future.

One more picture just for fun.  

Happy Quilting!