Thursday, February 21, 2019

Project Quilting 10.4 Pixel Play

Week Four of Project quilting was the same week as quilt con, so I had to make sure I had my project done before I headed to Nashville on Thursday.  It helped that I had Monday off of work for President's day, but I still knew I wouldn't have a full week.

The theme this week was Pixel Play.  I had so many options to choose from.  I looked at lot of pearler bead patterns and even some cross stitch patterns, but with 100 x 100 grids or larger and a shortened sewing week for me I knew I needed to go a different route.

My mind remembered a quilt I pinned a while ago that had a campfire with pixel flames.  I looked it back up and was lead to And Sew It Goes blog.  She doesn't have a pattern, but she did share some of her techniques throughout her blog.

I used her picture as a pattern guide and made my version.

More Fire Pixels

Less Fire Pixels

Mine is almost double in size at 25 x 52 inches, big enough to hang on a bedroom door, and has more fire pixels than the original.  I did take some of the pixels off, but not too many.  It is a subtle difference, but you can see it when I put the before and after picture side by side. 

Check out the owls in the logs.   It made fantastic wood fabric.

I love the batiks I used for the coals under the logs.  Not sure what brand some of them are.  They were in my Batik Scrap bin for ages.  

It has been raining the past few days with more rain in the forecast, but I took the quilt to the state park anyway to get some photos and the rain let up just a little for me to get a few good shots.

Fires on the beach are illegal here, but not fabric ones.  :)

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Island Batik Magnificent Mini and Project Quilting 10.3

Week three of Project Quilting lined up perfectly with the timing of my Magnificent Mini project for Island Batik Ambassadors.  

The theme for week three of Project Quilting was "Bigger than a bread box".  We could create anything quilt related as long as it was bigger than a bread box.  

The February Island Batik Ambassador challenge this month is "Magnificent Minis". 
Ambassadors were asked to make a quilt smaller than 24 x 24 inches.

I had several ideas to choose from and even printed and cut out two different paper piecing patterns, but my heart kept thinking of Valentines day coming up and the fact that I don't have any valentine themed quilts at all.  Can you imagine that?  I didn't believe it at first, but after rooting through the quilt cabinet, there were no hearts to be found, so I put away the paper piecing and decided to get festive.  

I drew up a quick heart block that measured 3.5 inches and started pulling pink batiks.I grabbed two of the pinks from the stash builders that were sent to me from Island Batik, and grabbed the rest from my own Island Batik Stash.

- FYI -
From one 5 inch square you can get two 3.5 inch hearts and
from one 2.5 inch strip WOF you can get eight 3.5 inch hearts

    I still didn't have enough pink, so I added some purples and reds, all from older Island Batik fabric lines I already had. Isn't it wonderful how all the fabric lines play so well together, even the older lines. Island Batik fabrics never go out of style.  

Check out that half inch sashing and cornerstones.  I love tiny quilt pieces!

For the background I used the white batik fabric that was supplied to me as an Ambassador.  

I had never sewn with solid batik fabric before.  I love sewing with white backgrounds in my quilts so this was super nice to have that batik feel throughout.

And we can't leave out Hobbs Batting.
  I had two smaller pieces of 80/20 left over from a previous project and sewed them together to create the perfect size batting, once it was quilted you couldn't even tell the batting was pieced.

I am calling this one Candied Hearts.

As far as the actual size... well I got the "Bigger Than a Bread Box" part right for project quilting, but I'm actually 2 inches longer one side for the Island Batik February project.

It measures 26 x 21. In my defense, it did start out as less than 24 inches tall, but I had to add another row of hearts.  I couldn't have four on the top and three on the bottom. My brain needs symmetry and technically since the width is 3 inches shorter than 24 inches I do have the correct square footage...or inchage... is that a word?   

Thanks for stopping by.  Check out all the other Island Batik Ambassadors this month to see what minis and fabrics they are playing with.

And around 12pm Central time you can start voting HERE for your favorite Project for week three of Project Quilting.


Monday, February 4, 2019

Island Batik Ambassador 2019

I am super excited to announce I have been accepted to be one of the 2019 Island Batik Ambassadors!

 I have been a happy customer of their fabrics for years and love creating with them so the next logical step for me was to apply to be one of their ambassadors.

I am happy to say I was selected and the next 12 months I get to create and showcase their wonderful fabrics.  Each month I will make at least one project with Island Batik fabric and showcase it here.  Island Batik also partners with Hobbs Batting, Aurifil, and AccuQuilt.  So you will see their products mentioned throughout the year as well.

As an ambassador I get shipped two boxes a year full of fabric, batting, and thread to help me promote the fabrics. This year ambassadors were also shipped a box from AccuQuilt company.  Most of us received the "Ready. Set. Go!" bundle box.

Check out my unboxing video to see all the goodies that were sent to me by Island Batik, Hobbs, Aurifil, and AccuQuilt.

Stayed tuned for some fantastic projects this year!

Meet all the 2019 Island Batik Ambassadors

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Project Quilting 10.2 - Red, White, and Blue

I made it!  I finished my quilt before the deadline. 
Albeit, it is super small this week at 8.5 inches.

The theme this week was Red, White, & Blue.  Not necessarily USA colors since many participants are from other countries, but it was based on the theme that most flags around the world have red, white, and blue in them, but we could create what ever we wanted.  It didn't have to be patriotic if we didn't want to.  

My original plan was to make a table topper I could put out for the 4th of July. It was going to measure 26 inches square. Not too big and doable in a week, but time time just wasn't my friend this week.  I was feeling a little under the weather halfway through the week. So instead of sewing I took a couple naps.  

Come Saturday night I only had the center done to my feathered star.  Instead of staying up all night I decided to trim the white triangles edges, add a mini border, and call it a mug rung.  Finished in plenty of time to get some sleep.  Maybe I can try the feathered star in another challenge.  It is a pattern I have yet to make and think they look really cool.

I have been checking out the other entries throughout the week as they have been posted and they are fabulous.  Go check out how everyone else interpreted the theme Red, White, & Blue.

 You can start voting for your favorites at 12pm Central time.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Project Quilting 10.1 - Hope Springs Eternal

It is that time of year again!  Project Quilting time! Where anyone who wants to join in the fun is challenged to make a quilt in a week based on that week's theme.  Check out all the details at  Kim Lapecek's website.

The first theme for season ten is "Hope Springs Eternal".  I will admit my first thought was Star Wars related.  I kept thinking of the line, "Rebellions are built on hope," from the movie Rogue One, but no ideas came on how to make that into a quilt.

My next thought was about how living water brings hope.  Out of the darkest darkness living water can spring forth and give hope and life to things around it.  I envisioned the colors of the quilt first, with the outer edges being black and fading into blue to represent the water and then bright colors to represent flowers.

Next was to come up with a pattern.  I was going to create my own swirling vortex of water, but I couldn't come up with a swirl pattern I liked.  Who knew it would be so hard to free hand draw a swirling whirlpool.  So I decided to go a with pattern I already knew that could still convey the colors I had in my head, The swirly triangle.

Not sure if that is the real name, but I got the pattern from an Irish Folding website a long time ago and made it bigger to fit my needs.

For each shade of color I used six different fabrics except for the blue, which has seven.  I thought about making a large quilt, but by the time I picked the pattern it was halfway through the week, so I opted for a table topper and actually got to bed on time every night this week.

It measures 30 x 27 inches.

If you haven't already, make sure you check out all the other entries this week HERE and vote for your favorites.  Voting starts at 12pm Central time.  To vote click the heart in the top right corner.


Sunday, December 30, 2018

Batik Strip N Flip Quilt

This quilt came about as I was trying to come up with an easy quilt pattern to use for the beginner quilt class I am teaching this January.  I ended up going with a single Irish Chain pattern for the quilt class so my students can learn basic block construction, but I was loving the colors in this one so I finished  it up.

It went together super fast.  I picked 32 different pre-cut 2.5 in strips from two different older Island Batik strip sets, Blue Heaven and Juicy Jewels, and sewed them all together.

After all the strips were sewn together I squared it all up and cut it into seven different smaller strips and flipped three of them.

I put sashing between each strip set and added a darker blue border.

I loved the colors so much in this one I decided to keep it for myself.

I did a pieced backing on this one.  When the quilts get so big that you have to sew two pieces together I always opt for different fabrics.  I pick one that goes the length of the quilt by the width of the fabric, then add some smaller pieces on the sides.  I have less leftovers this way.

It was mostly cloudy on the beach the during the photo shoot, but a cloudy day at the beach is still a good day in my opinion.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Carolina Lily Lone Star - South Carolina Version

This project came about this fall when I was asked to make a small quilt that represented South Carolina.

I had a blank slate to work with and after some deliberation I decided to use my pattern Carolina Lily Lonestar. I shrunk the dimensions a bit, changed the coloring, and added the Palmetto Moon in the center.

I decided to go with all shades of blue and white so it could kind of match the South Carolina flag.  Before I started sewing the diamond blocks, I took a picture of the fabrics in the proper order so I wouldn't mess up the color placement while making the diamonds.

I kept the center all blue so the Palmetto Moon would pop.

I printed the Palmetto Moon on some wonder under straight through my printer and then ironed it on the white fabric.  That made it easy to cut out.  It is raw edge applique and should be fine since this will be a wall hanging and will be seldom washed.

This quilt measures about 28 inches square.


Sunday, October 28, 2018

I love Kitties Swap

At the end of the summer I participated in one of my last swaps.  I haven't been swapping for a long time, but when I saw the I love Kitties swap hosted on Instagram I could not pass it up.  My partner was very vague on her likes and dislikes, she pretty much said make what every, so I did.

I love these Candy Cats  Just look at these eyes. The pattern is a free pattern from Schnitzel & Boo. There is even a mouse and a fish bones pattern to go with it.  Check out the #candycatqal on Instagram to see all the different fabric ways you can make these cats.

I opted to shrink the pattern a bit to keep this a mini version and made four colorful kitties for my mini.  It arrived save and sound to my partner and she loved it!  Yay!!  :)

I hated to send it off because I loved it so much, but I got something fabulous in return which always makes swapping worth it.

Check out this paper pieced kitty I got from Marie.  I told my partner I like lots of little pieces and bright colors.  Boy did she deliver.  I am down to one more swap and then after that I plan to to make time to work on some of my UFO's.  I really need to tackle those old loved projects and finally knock some stuff off my Finish-A-Long list.