Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Crazy for Postcards

I just finished up my crazy quilt postcards. Both Artsnthemail and Postcard Pizzazz had a crazy quilt swap and I signed up for both of them. Artsnthemail had a little more rules than the other group, but I used the same rules for all the cards.


1. Had to have 6 different fabrics.
2. Each seam had to have decorative hand embroidered stitches.
3. At least one seam had to have beads incorporated in it.
4. In the center of one of the patches a hand embroidered motif had to stitched. (ok, I may have left this off on some of them, but they were all on there for the ladies in Artsnthemail.)

I had to make three for each group, and I made one for myself so that is a total of 7. They are so much fun I was actually disapointed that I was finished. But, I guess I could always make more. :)

The fabrics I used came from a specimen book of silks from Grum-Ko Silk Co. I got the book from my husband's Grandmother. On the front of the book it says "1960-1961, Coast to Coast, Grum-Ko Silks, Novelty Linings". I'm not sure if the company exists today, I haven't been able to find anything about it on google.

This is the one I kept for myself. It was a hard choice, but I picked this one because of the red flowers on the black silk.

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  1. Leah, these are just gorgeous, I'm afraid I did mine by machine. Oopsadaisy!!