Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feathers and Pie

What do feathers and fruit pie have in common? Well hopefully you don't ever have feathers in your pie but, it may be possible to have a bird near you while you eat pie. But in this case, Feathers and Fruit Pie just happened to be the two postcard themes I was working on this week. The four postcards on the left are the ones I made for IFQ. The theme was feathers. A lot of the participants for the group had already posted photos of their creations and most of them had actual feathers on the cards. I was getting worried because the only idea I could think of was quilted feathers. For a moment I thought I should scrap my original idea and come up with one that had tangible feathers on it. But nothing was coming to mind other than quilted feathers. So I went to the IFQ site to re-read the stipulations for the swap. It didn't say we HAD to put feathers on the card, just to make sure that if we did, not to use real bird feathers since it might cause trouble at customs when they go out of the country. After reading the guidelines again, I decided to go ahead with my original idea. After all, quilted "feathers" were feathers in a sense. :) I want the quilting design to stick out in the card, so I chose a deep purple background as my base and then used a light pastel variegated thread to sew the feathers. They turned out stunning. I had such a good time making them and loved the way they turned out that I wanted to make even more. I ended up making a total of 5, but on the last one I ran out of thread!! I had all the feathers done on it, but I didn't have enough thread to finish the stippling in between the feathers. I did have a double pink twist thread which I ended up using to finish the last card, and as I laid them all out to look at, I had to look very closely to see which one had the pink thread on it.

Now for the pie. :) These two cards on the right are my version of Blueberry Pie. I couldn't decide which would look better, diagonal lattice, or straight lattice. I guess it really depends on which way the pie is turned when you look at it. I am not a big fan of eating fruit pie, (unless it is a good apple pie and if you consider pumpkin a fruit, then I could eat plenty of that pie) but I do love the look of a stuffed lattice top with colorful red or blue poking out of the squares.



Coming up soon on my list of swaps are some crazy quilt blocks and Halloween. YAHOO!!!, I do love the spooky holiday.


  1. Stunning feathers Leah, oh how I wish I was in that swap. :-)

  2. Leah, your blog is so colorful and creative! I've enjoyed looking at all your efforts! Keep up the good work and hope to swap w/you soon! xox-Barbara Moore

  3. Your quilted feathers are WONDERFUL!! It must have been so hard working on in such a confined area and you've done it beautifully. Lucky recipients!!
    Had fun looking through all your other cards too :)

  4. Your quilted feathers are wonderful.They remind me of the Shibori that I do with my embroidery machine. Lovely!
    Micki In ireland

  5. OH thankyou so much for my card, the purple and pie feathers are amazing in real life so to speak. Well done Leah, this is a wonderful card. I love it.

  6. WOW! These postcards are stunning! I love the names!

    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas! I am inspired!