Sunday, October 5, 2008

Postcard Wallhanging

I finished my postcard wall hanging quilt last night. The actual quilting had been done for weeks, it just needed to have the binding sewn on, which I did last night while I watched The Bee Movie with the kids. I used the pattern from Kate's Blog but made the shashing thicker and omitted the two rows of squares that separated the three sections of the the quilt.
The Quilt looks totally different when there are no postcards in it. I meant to take a photo of it empty, but in my excitement to add the postcards I forgot to take a photo while there were no cards in it. Halfway through filling it up I remembered the camera. Instead of taking all the cards out, I just decided to take a picture of it the way it was, half full. So the first photo shows it half full and you can see some of the empty squares. The next photo shows it full of postcards from all the wonderful people in my postcard groups. It sure was hard to pick 48 cards to display since I have so many wonderful ones to choose from. I will have to swap them out frequently to enjoy them all.

This is a close up of the quilting I did in the sashing. I was in "Feather" mode after making those feather postcards so I did feathers through all the sashing. I found it more difficult to guide this quilt through the machine after stitching on such stiff small cards. What a challenge it was.


  1. Oh Leah,
    I just love what you have made here, I keep seeing this on Kate's Blog, and think, one day. I must get one done now, you have inspired me to get on with it. Many thanks. :-)

  2. Your postcard wall hanging is great. Love you blog.

  3. What a great idea! I will make something similiar for my postcards. Thank you for your idea. Darlene