Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hearts, Hearts, and more Hearts

These are a couple of cards I made for valentines day. The first one was for two swaps one just called Hearts an the other Patchwork Heart. I like to combine ideas when I can, since that is the hardest part for me, coming up with the idea. Most of my time spent making these cards is spent trying to come up with the ideas for them. Once the idea comes though the cards get made very quickly.

This next Heart I made for a swap with the theme of Weaving. The only thing that kept coming to mind for this swap was those woven heart baskets that are around during valentines day, so I made a flat one to mail out to my partners.

This last card is an ATC. I printed this image on some white muslin, I figured it was perfect for this swap. There are all types of hearts hiding in this image. I counted at least seven.

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  1. The Valentine's Day cards are gorgeous. What a good inspiration to me to try to get into this card making, hopefully not too long from now.