Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heat Wave

It sure has been a hot summer. Makes us want to stay in all the time. I am fine with that because that is where my sewing machine is. :) Fabricards had a postcard swap with the theme of "Heat" in honor of the heat waves some of the members were having. As soon as I saw that swap I immediately thought of an egg frying on a sidewalk. So I signed up and made this post card. The bottom of the card looked empty so I added the text "Heat Wave" in yellow. The letters turned out OK, but I do believe I need to work on my freehand letters a little more.


  1. That postcard is absolutely fantastic -- and captures exactly how I feeel about our weather lately!

  2. Brilliant idea, I remember seeing this actually being done on the pavement when I was in London once. Jan

  3. I stopped over to visit you blog after reading your sensitive, comforting message to "crazy mom quilts." Hopefully all the positive comments from so many followers will ease her mind.
    I enjoyed reading through your posts! I haven't made any postcards yet, but they're on my list.