Monday, September 27, 2010

Finished Blue and Yellow Quilt

 I finally got my cats to behave and finished quilting this blue and yellow quilt that was made by a guild member. I had wanted to do some crosshatching on the blue border to match the straight line quilting in the nine patches, but the borders were so wavy, there was no way I could have done that without having fabric fold over on itself, so I went with some pretty big swirls for that part.

For the appliquéd circles, I wanted to turn them into flowers with the quilting.  I wanted them to be uniform so I decided I better mark the quilt.  Something I try to avoid at all costs if I can, mainly due to laziness. But some designs call for uniformness and so I must mark the quilt.  I started out tracing one of the appliquéd circles onto a piece of paper and then drew equal sized petals all around it.  I then cut it out and was about to mark each and every circle when it dawned on me, why not just pin the paper to the quilt and quilt around it.  That will save time marking and time removing marks later.  It worked out great and no marking!