Tuesday, October 19, 2010

She loves me... She loves me NOT!

I have been fiddling with this postcard for weeks now trying to turn it into  a masterpiece, well maybe not a masterpiece but I at least wanted to be able to say "Look What I made!"  Instead, I want to introduce it to the garbage can.  I just don't like this fabric postcard.  I think I screwed up first  by putting that yellow background behind the ghosts. Then I tried to add some stars to go with the yellow but something still didn't look right about it.  So I decided to add an orange fringed border to bring out the orange pumpkin.  But I think I ended up making the card worse.

I was about to chuck this in the trash, but then thought, maybe I am too harsh on myself.  Someone out there may actually like it.

So, If there is someone out there who loves this card, drop me a line.  I will put your name on the back and put it in the mail just for you.  :)

The card is on its way to Wendy.
Thanks Wendy,  I am glad it will be loved.  :)


  1. Okay ... I adore it and the fact that you made it!!! I've been wanting to make a postcard forever and am impressed you did! Don't toss it ... if you haven't had a taker yet ... here I am!! :)

  2. Oh, it's loved many times over!!! I'm going to have to hang it on the wall so my daughters don't love it to pieces :) Thank you so much! What a true treasure to receive in the mail!!! Blessings to you :)