Tuesday, September 20, 2011

3 Quilts Basted

This weekend I didn't have my internet connection.  I was busy for most of the weekend, so I didn't miss it for  much of the day, but in the evening when I read the quilting blogs, play games, and catch up on my shows I really started going through withdrawals.  After staring at my monitor for about and hour willing the internet to work, I decided I better do something else.  I have a nice to do list of quilt related items that need to get done, and one would think this was the perfect time to get those done, but instead I decided to do work on quilts not even on the list. They don't have deadlines and they aren't for other people,  I pulled three tops from my UFO pile and decided it was time to play with them for awhile.  I was going to baste all the quilts on the pile, there are 4 more, but I remembered I needed to save my pins for a customer quilt that I need to work on this week.  So I stopped at three.

The first was my Le Petite project from last November - Butter Churn Shcnibbles.  I used Christmas fabrics for mine and displayed it during the holidays last year just as a top.  This year I want it to be a finished quilt when I put it on the coffee table.
Next was my Brocante top, which was also part of the Le Petite project.  I picked this one to baste because it fit perfect with a leftover piece of batting I had.

The last one I basted was my two tone purple quilt.  I started this quilt at the end of 2009 and finished the top in the summer of 2010.  

After basting, I started quilting the purple one.  I was on a roll and making great progress till I had to get up and help one of the kids with something.  When I came back, Jasper had decided I needed a longer break and took up residence right on my quilt.

I left him to his nap.



  1. Lots of good progress! Jasper looks very comfortable :-)

  2. Oh he looks content! You are a really good mom...let him sleep, but you couldn't really displace him with such an adorable look on his face. :o)

  3. Wow, I didn't know it was possible to quilt and NOT have internet. crazy! (JK) Good for you for basting all those quilts. Sounds like a lot of work! Jasper looks so adorable! What a sweetheart!