Thursday, January 26, 2012

2 Shirt Quilt Tops Complete

Only 4 more to go.

Since these quilts are going to Aunt Darla's kids I asked her which background she preferred for these 9 patches.  She chose the black so that is what I went with.  I must say I like how it turned out.  This top was made entirely out of shirts except the thicker outer black border.  I used all the solid colored shirts for this one and will make one more top similar to this one.

This next one had been almost done for a while, I just needed to add the piano key border to it. Which I did a couple weeks ago, I just hadn't gotten around to taking a picture of it.  It is made entirely of the shirts.  Even the off white sashing was a shirt.

I am going to make two tops more with a mixture of solid shirts and stripped shirts, and if I have enough strips left over the final one will be another string quilt.

I am getting excited seeing some actual progress on these tops.  Taking apart the shirts and cutting them up into all the shapes I needed has taken awhile so it is fun to see some good progress.



  1. Both of the quilts are very nice, well done! You must have bags full of buttons from all those shirts!!

  2. Love the tops! Great balance in both of them!

  3. This is really beautiful. I know she'll love it.