Thursday, March 22, 2012

Butterfly Quilt Top

4 years ago I joined an online swap group called IFQ (International Friendship Quilters).  Unfortunately it shut down awhile ago, but I enjoyed it while it was active. The very first swap I signed up for was an applique butterfly exchange hosted by Tarnyia.  I signed up to swap two sets of 6 butterflies so I could have 12 blocks when it was all said and done. These are the blocks I sent out.

Since the swap, the blocks have been sitting in the top 12 x 12 butterfly box in this end table.  
Also in that box are blocks for three more different quilts.
The black box has shirt strings, and the bottom one is filled with orphan blocks that were donated to me.

When Sinta Posted about her BOM Rehab it got me to thinking.  I have only done one BOM online, the Fat Quarter Stars Quilt Along, and I am up to date on that one, but I do have some blocks from older swaps that needed some love, so I got out the 12 x 12 box and pulled out the butterfly blocks I received.  I put them up on my design wall and got to thinking of how to put them all together.  This is what I came up with:

Blocks are done by:

Me - Pamela M.  - Beatrice M.
Pauline G. - Tarnyia S. - Carole B.
Me - Val D. - Karin F.
Maureen M. - Ann M. - Nancy N.

I have wonderful quilting visions of flowers and clouds in all that wonderful open blue in each block.
Hmm, not sure when I will get to do the actual quilting though, my quilt top pile is growing faster than I have been quilting lately...



  1. Lovely butterflies,,, lovely quilt!

  2. Oh happy to recognize my block !
    I still have yours and Tarnyia wonderful blocks to work on, perhaps soon !

  3. I still have my butterflies too... now you have me interested in doing mine xxx