Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jewels in Progress

I decided to pull out my Faceted Jewels quilt and get some good progress on it before I start back into quilting my stack of basted quilts.  I still need to piece most of the those 54 40 or Fight blocks together. I put them up on the board to make sure I didn't end up with all the blues in one block.  

Wow, after a blog post hunt I see that I cut this one out a over a year ago.  Good thing for blog posts or I would have sworn I cut this out only a couple months ago.

As I was was putting the squares up on the design board I kept thinking about Frodo, Sam, and Gandalf.  Probably because when I was cutting out all these small pieces I was listening to the audio book of Lord Of the Rings.  I wonder if I will always think of Lord of the Rings when I get this project out.  Perhaps I should rename it to my LOTR quilt.  :)



  1. I just LOVE these blocks!

  2. LOTR ? I wouldn't name it that. I guess cause the movie seemed so dark to me...The book maybe be lighter and brighter. The bright colors here are jewel tones that are in maybe that is the connection. IF you listen to something else while you are quilting you will have to change the name again...

  3. Great blocks! You are going to have an amazing quilt. I think naming it LOTR would be great and you would definitely remember what you were doing while you were making it.

  4. The colors in this quilt draw you in. I love it. I also loved the LOTR books. I read them so long ago. I remember how disappointed I was when I read the first one and found out that Bilbo Baggins was not going to be in the trilogy.

  5. Looking good! I was just thinking about how fast time was going. Seems like just yesterday that I finished a small scrappy Twister pattern, but actually it was right after Christmas....yikes!