Saturday, June 23, 2012

Schnibbles Work in Progress

I am slowly but surely making progress on the June Schnibble for AYOS. I have been having a busy summer so I have only been able to sew a couple blocks a day. This month is the Leap Year pattern.  It comes with a couple different variations.  I chose to do the 49 patch block.  I have also decided to make it a wee bit bigger.  I plan on making 20 blocks instead of 16. I have 9 blocks finished and up on the design wall.

I have two blocks laid out on some tiny design boards I made from Lori's tutorial.
These mini design boards are awesome.  I had been laying the pieces out on my cutting mat, but they kept shifting.  So I whipped up these two mini design boards and the squares stay right where I want them.  

I have one block on the machine,

and 8 ready to be laid out.  These 8 blocks are short a few fabric squares though.  They each need one more pink color and one more green but I have used all the bright greens and pinks in my stash.  Since I don't want more than 4 of each fabric in the block, this means I get to go shopping for Pink and Green fabrics today!  
Yay!  :)



  1. I love your colors! Ack! I need to get sewing!! ;-) Have a happy day!!

  2. What size are the squares you are using?? Look like 1.5 inches to me! Love the look of your blocks!

  3. I love your pinks and greens!