Saturday, June 9, 2012

Suessical Jr.

Whoops, how did yesterday get away from me? I had planned on posting about my guild challenge. Instead I spent the day getting things ready for the kids opening night of Suessical Jr.  The play is being put on by our community theater.  I spent the day making sure everything was ready for opening night and the after party.  The kids sure did a great job at the show. I wasn't allowed to take photos during the play, but here are a few I took during practice.

My son is in the white shirt, he plays JoJo, and my other Son, in the top hat, plays Mr. Mayor.
They are singing about how tiny Whoville is.

My daughter is the 5th girl from the left. All the girls in pink are "Bird Girls"

Here they are again singing around Horton the Elephant.

It is so fun to be a part of a production like this.  The kids have spent three months practicing and learning all their lines.  They have two more shows this weekend.  I will be sad when it is over.  It is fun to have them sing around the house and bring the joy of the play home with them.
I can't wait till they do another one just with kids!


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