Friday, July 20, 2012

Beverly's Last Two Quilts

This is the third quilt that Beverly asked me to quilt for her.
She asked for an all over design and left the specifics up to me.

For the quilting, I did my all over leafy swirl pattern.
Since there was a lot of orange in this quilt I decided to use an orange variegated thread.
I love how the orange thread makes the leaves pop out on the dark blue border.

This next quilt is the fourth and last quilt Beverly asked me to quilt.
The blocks look totally different from the quilt above, but they really are pretty close to being the same.  
All you have to do is swap the color placement of the flying geese.
The top version makes a diamond block, the bottom makes a star block.
It's amazing what fabric/color placement can do to a block.

  I had a lovely green variegated thread that went perfect with this quilt.
 I did swirls again for this quilt, but this time added five petaled flowers between the swirls.  My daughter came up while I was working on this one and told me they look like clovers to her.
If clovers have five petals then sure, they can be clovers.  :) 

I am excited to be dropping these off at Beverly's tomorrow.  



  1. Your quilting is lovely!! Beautiful work :-) I'm sure Beverly will be thrilled with her lovely quilts!

  2. I love the quilting with the orange thread,, brilliant,, as always!!