Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christmas Quilt in February

My Christmas quilt has been on my design wall since December. It has gone from this.... this.  Everyone denies knocking the board over. They are all blaming the cat.  
With the help of my son we got it back to it's regular layout.  That was about a month ago.

Yesterday I found the motivation I need to get this project rolling-
I need my design board to help design a new quilt.
Nothing like something new to help you move along with something old.  :)
I have all the Half square triangle sewn in pairs, a couple full blocks sewn together, and one whole row done.
Not sure why I picked the third row to sew first, but you can see how much shrinkage there is from layout to finished row.  The plan is to finish the top this afternoon. Hopefully I won't have too many distractions.



  1. Talk about having some technical difficulties! Holy moly! I am glad that you had help getting those blocks back in order!

  2. i really like this quilt. I think it's the pattern design. It would look great in other colours too. When the design had "shattered" it looked like a really cool modern quilt!