Saturday, February 23, 2013

Triple Zipper and Jewelry Pouches

 All These goodies are now living with my friends in Tennesee.
They had three birthdays in February, so I made a little something for each of them.

The first one is the tripple zipper pouch.

I had been wanting to make my friend a zippered pouch for a while.
When I went to blogland to find the tutorial I found the Triple-Zip Along and joined in the fun.

It is interesting to see this same pattern made in different color ways.
Click on over to the flikr group to see hundreds more triple zip pouches.

For my friend's two daughters I made them each a Jewelry pouch.

One daughter's favorite color is blue.

The other's favorite color is green. This is what the pouch looks like empty

But you can't give a jewelry pouch without Jewelry in it.

So I filled them both with rings, necklaces, earrings, and candy.
The octopus rings are my favorite!

These pouches are super cute and fairly quick to make.

I want to make more and give them to some other special ladies. might be nice to have one for myself as well. ;)



  1. Oh my - what wonderful projects. How can I even attempt to choose a favorite. Did you all have a specific pattern to follow when making the triple zips?

  2. Love the triple zip pouch,,, I made one last year,, but sort of A4 size. The jewellery pouches are cute!