Saturday, October 12, 2013

Finish Along 2013 Fourth Quarter

I am a little late to the party, but better late than never right?  I have decided to join the last quarter of the Finish Along for 2013.  I will finally have some more quilting time for myself this fall since I am only enrolled in one college class.  Next spring I take three more classes and then I will have my bachelor's degree. YAY!!

 Leanne, the host this year, said go large so that is what I plan to do!  I am going to aim for four finishes per month. That's doable right?? So without further delay I will list the finishes that I want to get done this quarter.

1. Quilt and bind my HST Christmas Quilt

2. Quilt and bind my Starry Night Christmas Quilt

3. Quilt and bind my Pinwheel Christmas Quilt

4. Sew together a fourth Christmas quilt from these strips I cut out last year.
I am going to add an off white fabric and make a strip tube Christmas Quilt.

Can you tell I want to be ready for Christmas this year??

5.  Finish quilting my i.s.t.h. quilt.  I am almost done with the quilting.  The hold up on this on has been me trying to decide if I wanted to add more feathers to a curved lined I quilted in the large triangle sections.  

6.  Finish the top for my twisting maple leaf quilt.

7.  Quilt and bind my Slide Show Quilt

8. Finish my Dresden quilt.  I am so close to having this one be a complete top.

9. Make that last Mondo bag which I bought the interfacing for.

10.  Quilt my Leap Year Schnibbles quilt

11. Quilt my Jacks Schnibbles Quilt

12.  Finally finish the quilting on this Pinwheel quilt.
Out of all the projects on the list, this one has been waiting the longest.

Phew, that is a lot of quilting.  Let's see if I can get them all done. There is no penalty for not finishing everything on the list, so it is good to make a long list.  It also helps put things in a time line for me.  If I have 12 things that I know I want to finish these next three months, I won't waste time trying to figure out which ones should get done first.  I love this list! I wish I would have jumped into this Finish Along sooner.



  1. That's an ambitious list, but all the projects are beautiful. Have fun!

  2. Good luck with your ambitious list. I love your quilt tops. I have a very similar taste in patterns and colours. What are you studying to get a bachelor degree in Leah? I studied a Bachelor of Arts and then a Bachelor of Education after I finished high school. Now I would find it way to hard tog et back into the studying mode!