Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Just the Ladies- The Dimensions

I got an email a bit ago asking me where to find information on the pattern for my Just the Ladies quilt, the one I made for the She Who Sews blog hop, but I didn't really use a pattern. It was more of a sew as I went sort of project.   Since I didn't use a pattern I decided I would post the dimensions here on my blog for who ever would like to have them. 

First, I started out with the ladies.  I used 6 different ones.  But I only scanned in one for the picture.
I cut them to be 7.5 inch square so they finished 7 inches.

Next I worked on the sashing. 
They are made from three 1.5 x 7.5 strips, (Two yellow, one black).
When sewn together they  finish as a 3.5 inch x 7.5 inch rectangle. 
The quilt uses 17 of these sashing rectangles.

The cornerstones are Shoo Fly blocks that finish at 3 inches.
(They will measure 3.5 inches before you sew them into the quilt)
There are 12 of these in the quilt and they use the red and yellow fabrics. has dimensions for a three inch shoo fly block here. Scroll down a bit for the right size. 

Sew the sashing, cornerstones, and ladies together in rows to get the inner part of the quilt.
Then just add borders.

The first inner border is cut 1.5 inch x the length/width of the quilt top dimensions so far.

The red outer border is cut 3.5 inches x the length/width of the top so far.

The thin yellow border is actually part of the binding.
Marti, of 52 Quilts gives a great tutorial on how to make a two colored bidning.
You can find it HERE.
I used yellow and black for the binding.

You can use this method with any large print you want to showcase and change the sashing and border colors to fit your print. It is a simple and fast quilt. The part that took the longest for me was the shoo fly blocks.  Once those were done the top went together fast.  I think I spent more time quilting around the ladies than it sewing up the the top.  :)


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