Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Purge Progress 3rd Link Party

Before I left for beach week, I cut up some pink scraps from my bins. Enough to make three more brick quilts and some extra squares for some other scrappy quilts.

Then I raided my 3 inch bin and mixed some prints with the the pinks and the blues I cut a couple weeks ago and started a small half square triangle quilt.

I'll be linking up here with all the others who are participating in The Purge.
Go check them out.



  1. I started a half square triangle scrap quilt too, but from all of the triangles cut from my binding strips. I've sewed two pinwheels that finish at 3.5 inches square. They are so nice, but I'll have to sew until I'm a hundred and fifty to get enough for a quilt!!!

  2. I'm also intrigued to know your scrap saving system. I only have a bit of scraps and I have them in colour coded baggies, just waiting for a home in a quilt!