Thursday, September 22, 2022

Queen of Gadgets Blog Hop


Welcome to day four of the Queen of Gadgets Blog Hop hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.
The challenge for this hop was to use our favorite sewing tool to create a project and tell why we love it. I went big for my project so it isn't quite finished yet, but it's close enough to give you an idea of why I love the tool below!

Right now my favorite sewing tool is the Blade Saver Thread Cutter by Purple Hobbies.

 I am a chain piecer and assembly line sewer.  I cut everything at once, then sew it, then press it, then sew another batch and press, etc.   A lot of times that leaves me with a chain of 100 or more pieces to cut apart before going to the iron.

This little tool helps me separate the sections lickety split.  I have tried other brands, but I like this one the best.  Sometimes my rotary blades are still super sharp except for one spot, like when I tried to cut a pin or something,  so it is nice to be able to use the best part of the blade for something else.   Plus the blade fits inside the stand if you ever need to take it with you.  Small and compact and easy to carry.

What better way to show off how to use this tool then by creating a quilt that has lots and lots of pieces.  The Greenhouse pattern by Elizabeth Hartman has been on my "want to make" list and I figured this was the time to make it.  I really wanted to go big on this one so I needed 56 different ten inch squares.

I pulled squares from three different Island Batik 10 inch stackers.

Drizzle - an older pack I had been saving for a while
Farm Fresh and 
Garden Gems.

The background is my favorite Island Batik neutral called Sprinkles.

Cactus plants...

Flower plants...

The Blade Saver Thread Cutter in action!

Prickly plants...

Jade plants...

 and Aloe plants.

So many pieces to separate!  I am glad I have this little tool!

Oh, does tape count as a tool?  If so I am loving the Diagonal Seam Tape by Cluck Cluck Sew as well.  You can see it on the sewing machine in the picture above.  No more drawing diagonal lines on fabric for sewing guidelines, just use the tape.  A definite need for this pattern too!

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Island Batik Tool Talk Blog Hop


It's time to talk tools with Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design tools and Island Batik

During the month of September Island Batik Ambassadors are showing off their projects using the new Island Batik fabric lines coming out now along with some fun rulers by Deb Tucker.

The fabric line I am showcasing is called Silverado Canyon by Kathy Engle, hitting stores now, and the ruler I got to play with is the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star.  

I love everything about this fabric line! From the different shades of blues, tans, and cremes, to the plants and animals in the prints. It makes me think of gray canyon walls on a nice summer afternoon.

Using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne ruler sure helped make perfect stars.  Cutting the pieces out big and trimming down makes perfect diamonds and triangles.  I usually end up with wonky shapes or triangles that are a wee bit too small when I try to cut these exact by myself.  I would usually paper pieced these types of units, but I can skip the paper now with this ruler.

The ruler also lets me make multiple sizes which is nice.  I used several different sizes for this quilt.  My smallest star finished at three inches.  The stars in the center of the big blocks are four inches and the star parts in the sashing would have made six inch stars if you put them together in a square 

The backing is made up of some a few different Island Batik Foundations prints.  

I also love my new wool pressing mat given to us from Prairie Spirit Alpacas.  I was zooming along and didn't get a photo of it in action this time, but you can check them out here.

Hobbs Batting is inside this one again.  It really is some good stuff.  This time I used the Hobbs Poly-Down Batting.  It sure makes it nice and fluffy.  Super nice to cuddle under.

And of course, sewn and quilted with Schmetz needles.  

Make sure you check out Claudia's blog to see what she created with this same collection.

And don't miss the Island Batik Blog to see all the new fabric lines and your chance to win one of these bundles of fabric!  

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Get on Board Blog Hop


September is National Sewing Month, which you can read all about here:

and Melva from Melva Loves Scraps and Brenda from Songbird Designs have been hosting the Get on Board Blog Hop to celebrate!  They are also sponsoring a giveaway which you can read about at the end of the post.

I have been sewing since I was in middle school.  My mom taught me how to use the machine and I made a few clothing items at home and in my home economics class in high school, but I didn't really get into till after I got married and started making clothes and costumes for my kids.  I don't make very much clothing anymore, instead I spend most of my time making quilts!  I am addicted to them, but every now and then I throw in a fun small project, such as this fun sea turtle!

The theme for this hop was anything tropical that inspired sewing so I went with this fun sea turtle pincushion and thread catcher.  I love seas turtles and get super excited whenever I see one. I was lucky enough to see one just this Saturday! 

It was a big one swimming a few yards away from the end of the pier and it came up several times for us to get a good look at it!

The pattern is by Jennifer Jangles and this hop was the perfect time to put this project at the top of my to do list.

The pattern has nice color photos and gives instructions to either attach the thread catcher permanently or make it removable. I hand stitched mine down. I have been needing a thread catcher to sit on my longarm and this cute little sea turtle will be the perfect thread catcher guardian.

The pattern calls for 1/4 yard of two different prints, but if you do some creative cutting you can get every piece from two Island Batik Stash Builder strips. Stash Builder strips are are 5 inches tall by 42 ish inches long.

I used a blue and green five inch strip I had on hand and they worked out perfectly.

The outer shell pattern piece says to place on the fold, but to make it fit on the 5 inch strip I cut two separate pieces and added a 1/4 seam allowance on the end. Then sewed it together to make one piece. 
I pressed the seams open so it wouldn't be bulky and you can barely see the seam in the finished turtle.

Two tiny black buttons make perfect eyes.

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Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Island Batik Marvelous Mini


 Is it Christmas yet?  🎄 

It's getting pretty close! The last four months of the year always go so fast. But this year I'm ready! I already have a new Christmas quilt for the season and now I have a nice mini quilt to go with it.

This month Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to create a Marvelous Mini Quilt. Mini quilts are marvelous for many reasons:

They make great decorations, they can be used to test hard blocks, they are small enough to practice different Quilting motifs, and they help use up the last bit of scraps from another project.

(I'm loving this new wool pressing mat from Prairie Spirit Alpacas)

For my mini quilt I decided to use up the left over Winter Wonders scraps from my New York Beauty project from June. You can find this fabric line in stores now.

These Christmasy fabrics by Kathy Engle are right up my alley and I had just enough to make a small lonestar.

I still had a little more fabric left over so I decided to add some triangles and borders as well. The size of each shape was determined by how much fabric I had left.  This really was a design as you go project. 

I even had the perfect sized scrap of Hobbs Heirloom Premium cotton batting for the middle.

For the quilting I used some red, green, and yellow thread from Aurifil and used a Schmetz Microtex Chrome needle.  They play together perfectly.

I did some simple custom quilting in each section.

This Marvelous Mini measures approximately 23 x 23 inches. 

Are you following along with all the other Island Batik Ambassadors?

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Happy Sewing!


Thursday, August 25, 2022

See Ya Later, Alligator Blog Hop

 Its been a great week so far of quilty travel ideas for the "See ya later, Alligator Blog Hop" and today is my turn to show off my projects.  We were supposed to create something inspired by travel for the hop.  Anything from places to go, to how you get there, and anything in between.

Well I was inspired by anything in between.  Let me explain how it relates....

Today is my husband's 50th birthday and we traveled to Raleigh, NC for his big 50th birthday party.  His parents will be there, along with five of his siblings and all five of his adult children.  

It's a mini family reunion!  That is definitely something to travel for.

In the past I have given away quilts to some of  my husband's siblings on their 50th birthdays so a quilt for my husband on his 50th birthday only seemed right, but the more I thought about it, the more I started thinking like a hobbit.  

After all this was a big birthday party, and people were coming from all over....

Plus my husband has always been a giver and he would rather give than to receive...

So instead of  making a quilt for my husband, I decided to make 8 jelly roll race quilts for my husband to give away to the families that traveled so far to see him on his 50th birthday.  

Making these quilts for him to give to his family is a way better gift for him than having him open up only one for himself.

When this idea came to me I only had a couple months before the party so I had to use a pattern I could sew up pretty quick.

 I also wanted the quilts to be extra special and have some meaning behind them, after all it's not everyday someone turns 50.

So I cut out 50 strips for each quilt. 

Also each quilt, from front to back, has 50 different blue prints, my husband's favorite color. 

Each family now has a special quilt to take back home with them to always remember the fun we had together during my my husband's 50th birthday party!

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Happy Sewing!