Finished Quilts


I started quilting in 1998 and finished some of my first quilts in 1999.  I remember my husband and I thinking how amazing our digital camera was back then.  But when I go back and see how horrible the pictures were, It makes me wonder what we were thinking.  Haha!

These are some of my first quilts.  They were made before I started blogging.
It is amazing to see how much I have improved over the years and what quilts made me get better at different aspects of quilting. 

Log Cabin - Turned out pretty good for one of my first quilts and lasted a long time.

Another Log Cabin. I made two of these.  This one I tried quilting in the ditch.  The other, not pictured, I decided on an all over meander since I realized my straight lines were not too great.  

First attempt at pattern design.  I learned designing with blocks or rows makes it  easier to piece quilt tops together. I also learned not to use weird yellow fabric that frays in the wash. It is best to stick with cotton, or use larger seam allowances. 

Leaf Quilt.  This quilt taught me how to be a better baster.  I unstitched the back twice on this one, it had way too many puckers. 

Ocean Block Quilt. This one turned out pretty good, but looking back on it, I didn't take advantage of all that white quilting space.  All Straight line quilting on this one. 

First wall-Hanging and last wall-hanging for a long time.  Hand applique was not my friend. Even wooden dowels couldn't make this mini hang straight. 


This was the year of the Puff Quilt, and when I decided to start selling them online through my website. 

This white one had embroidered white roses on 1/3 of all the puffs. 

This customer requested triangle puffs.  It was difficult at first but once I got the pattern down it went together pretty fast. 

I made this one for myself and ended up selling it on Ebay. 

A velvet puff quilt for a new baby.  Most expensive baby quilt I ever made.  :) 

Sold this one and the pillows on Ebay as well. 


One more puff quilt this year. Then the rest of the year was spent making quilts for babies and toddlers with their names on them.  I also started my love of mini quilts this year. 


The year of the mini quilt.
I made the large wedding ring for my sister-in-law's brother and a quilt for my nephew, but the rest of the year was spent making mini quilts. Some were for the resident Barbies, the others sold on eBay.



More Quilts with names on them. 


This year I made lots of quilt tops and sold them on Ebay. Not too many of my own quilts were made.  But I did discover rag quilts this year. 


Still making quilts with names on them. And made a rag quilt for each of my children this year. 


Only two finishes this year. Wonder what I was doing.  Must have been still making tops for sell on Ebay. I sold lots of single Irish chains like the one below in boy and girl colors.  I found it was easier and more time productive to sell just the top instead of the whole finished quilt 


2007 was a productive year of finishes.  I stopped selling tops on ebay and focused on making what I wanted. You can see my quilting skills getting better this year.  Branching out into different styles of quilt blocks and different quilting motifs.  This was the year I started to get the hang of machine quilting.

This block is called Tam's Patch.  It makes a good Halloween Quilt.

This was the third Halloween quilt I cut out that year.  Puss in Boots I think the pattern was called. 

This one has a name embroidered in the border for a good friend's daughter. 

Made this one for a friend. 

Made this one for my son. 

Wanted to try a prairie point border and some hand stitching. 

Tried out scalloped borders. 

This one was for my other son. 

Tried out the new wonder ruler. 

Bought this top off Ebay for $5.  Practiced different types of quilting on it. 

My sister-in-law gave me her old yellow curtains so I turned them into a quilt. 

Made this one for the fourth of July 

Rail Fence 

I used left over blocks from my husbands Grandmother and finished this quilt for her. 

First Christmas Quilt 

An Irish Chain I gifted at Christmas that year. 


I only made one quilt in 2008.  I was heavy into making fabric postcards that year and made quilt to display them.  This is also the year I started blogging.

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