2018 Q3 Finish-A-Long

Trying this same list again, even added added one more.
Maybe one of them will speak to me this quarter.

*End of Quarter Update*  Finished one this quarter. Yay!

Halloween Paganinni
Started October 2010
Date Finished: July 2018

One Block Wonder Cabbage
Started December 2017
Got all the hexagon rows sewn together.

Autumn Leaves
Started Fall 2012

Still in it's box.

That 70's Quilt.
Started October 2014
Still in it's box.

Halloween Strips 
Started Fall 2012
Fiddled with a better
construction method
for this one.

  Ribbon Star
Started October 2016
Moved this from one shelf to the next.

Pythagoras' Lute Quilt
Started March 2014

Still in the box.
Halloween Pops
Purchased Kit October 2012
Cut the fabrics September 2017
Still in the box.

We Support You
Started January 2015

Got this one out of the box and
looked at it to see where I was 

at with the zig zag applique

Polk-A-Dot Dresden
Started September 2012
Still in the box. 

Pastel Dresdens
Started January 2013
Still in the box.
Raspberry Kiss/Plus Quilt
Started February 2018

Ordered more black and white fabrics
so I could have a more scrappy background. 
But more colored fabrics and and sewed
several X's together.


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  1. Wow, those are all great. The spider web design is so eye catching and I'm a big fan of One Block Wonders. Good luck with your Q3 goals and on behalf of the 2018 FAL Hosts, thanks for participating in Finish a Long!