2019 Q3 Finish-A-Long

I knocked one UFO's off my list last quarter and got super close to one more.  Again I made progress on a couple of the other projects, but no other finishes yet.  We will see what this quarter brings.  I feel my sew-jo rarin' to go, so I added two more UFOs for a total of 14 this Quarter! Let's hope my sew-tivation continues the whole quarter!  Here is my ambitious list for the the Third quarter of 2019.

*End of Quarter update:  Finished 4 so far and they were all in the first month.  The other two months were spent playing games with family and sporadically sewing on other projects.  My Quilters ADD really kicked in those last two months.  I will see what happens these next 6 days. I am hoping to quilt up my Halloween OBW #1 before the link cut off.  Fingers crossed I don't get distracted!

Halloween One Block Wonder
Started September 2018

Date Finished:
Let's see if I can squeeze in a last
minute finish...
One Block Wonder Cabbage
Started December 2017
I got some good progress on this one.
All rows are sewed into pairs.
Need to add background fabric and find
the lost half hexi so I can finish the
left side.  I have been searching
everywhere and it is still MIA!

Autumn Leaves
Started Fall 2012

I got a lot done on this one, but not quite a
finished top yet.  Almost all the triangle
corners are sewn together and I have
more than half the blocks finished.
That 70s Halloween Quilt
Started October 2014
Batik Jelly Roll Race
June 2019
  Coco HST
Started April 2019
  Ribbon Star
Started October 2016
Picked this one up to sew a little on it, but
realized I still need to cut background
fabrics for it, so I put it back down.

Pythagoras' Lute Quilt
Started March 2014

Didn't even think about this one much.
Halloween Pops
Purchased Kit October 2012
Cut the fabrics September 2017
Realized this one wasn't even
going to get touched.

We Support You
Started January 2015

Pulled this one out of the box...
That is about it.

Polk-A-Dot Dresden
Started September 2012
No love for this one this quarter either.

Pastel Dresdens
Started January 2013
This one is sitting on the cutting board
to remind me to cut the background.
Raspberry Kiss/Plus Quilt
Started February 2018
Sewed a couple more blocks on this one.
Pink Brick Quilt
Started Spring 2018



  1. You certainly have a lot on your list. Good luck in finishing them.

  2. You've got some fun quilts in the works! I particularly love the Raspberry Kiss and the Pastel Dresdens! Good luck this quarter :)